About the Press

The Directorate of Repositories, Multimedia, and Scientific Publishing (BRIN Publishing) is an established scientific publisher in Indonesia under The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). Our main work revolves around planning, acquiring, designing, and distributing scientific knowledge to the public. BRIN Publishing has collaborated with various researchers and academicians as well as global publishers to publish high-quality publications that have passed thorough quality control mechanisms and editorial processes, including peer review.

BRIN Publishing has employed an open-access scheme for all published books since 2020. BRIN Publishing held the Knowledge Acquisition Program, which aims to collect, store, publish, and disseminate various local knowledge owned by specific communities or societies through open access. This program is one of BRIN's contributions to supporting the development of Indonesia's excellent and intelligent human resources by providing and popularising credible and innovative scientific or technological literacy.

BRIN Publishing is under the command of and is responsible to Deputy for Facilitation of Research and Innovation - National Research and Innovation Agency (Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional, BRIN). Our main work revolves around planning, acquiring, designing, and distributing scientific knowledge to the public.


To become a leading and innovative national scientific publisher as well as a reference and activator of enriching the lives of the nation. 


  1. Increasing the capacity and capability of scientific publishing services
  2. Optimizing the use of science and technology to support efficient, transparent, and accountable publishing services.
  3. Strengthening networking and publishing cooperation with stakeholders for national, regional, and international scope. 
  4. Ensuring publication quality standards.

Main Duties and Functions

BRIN Publishing has the task of planning, acquiring, packaging, and disseminating scientific information to the public. In carrying out its duties, BRIN Publishing performs the following functions:

  1. composing activity and budget plans;
  2. implementation of managing and packaging for both manuscripts and audiovisual;
  3. providing services for the acquisition  of scientific information;
  4. implementation of technical cooperation in the field (acquisition) of scientific information;
  5. implementation of financial affairs, human resources of the apparatus, administration, administration of state property, and households; and
  6. evaluation and preparation of activity reports.