Indonesia Post-Pandemic Outlook

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COVID-19 has ravaged the world’s economy, upend existing social support structures, and strongly impact global geopolitics.
Written by over 85 scholars from 22 countries, in collaboration with BRIN Publishing, this book series titled Indonesia Post-Pandemic Outlook aims to present the perspectives of Indonesian scholars on the current pandemic and propose multidisciplinary strategies for Indonesia to recover stronger post-pandemic.
We hope that this book can be valuable reference for stakeholders, policymakers, and society to recover from the pandemic crisis and find better solutions to benefit future generations.

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Indonesia Post-Pandemic Outlook: Environment and Technology Role for Indonesia Development

Rahmat Trialih (ed), Fefi Eka Wardiani (ed), Rendy Anggriawan (ed), Cendra Devayana Putra (ed), Ahmad Said (ed)
November 28, 2022

Indonesia Post-Pandemic Outlook: Rethinking Health and Economics Post-COVID-19

Anthony Paulo Sunjaya (ed), Yoko Brigitte Wang (ed), Riani Sagita (ed), Dwi Sugiharti (ed)
November 30, 2022

Indonesia Post-Pandemic Outlook: Social Perspectives

Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh (ed), Irawan Jati (ed), Dadan Sumardani (ed)
August 31, 2022